Meet the Maker

I create bold colorful statement earrings and accessories for bold and colorful women, in a graphic, bold and occasionally audacious style with the use of modern patterns, and a playful combination of colors and shapes.


Brand Story

Christina Dixon started when I rediscovered my creative passion in polymer clay, a medium that has captured the imagination of many artists. Creative by nature, I have been exploring the art of making jewelry and accessories for just three years now.

Working with clay helps me relax and get in touch with the artist I always dreamed I’d become. My love for this medium blossomed into a passion for creating colorful and bold jewelry pieces, often in bright colors and in graphic patterns.

Mostly self taught, I started to learn from tutorials that I found online. Then I started following other makers on Instagram, and took some online workshops which gave me new ideas and techniques, so I experimented a lot. In addition, I joined a couple Patreon communities which pushed the quality of my work to a higher level

What I love most about my work is the process of seeing her ideas come to life. I find inspiration in everything around me, from colors and fabrics to specific outfits and new design concepts. While I do often sketch my ideas beforehand, I also enjoys playing with colors, veneers, and shapes to create one-of-a-kind jewelry pieces. I enjoy seeing what has come from my hands, and I love wearing what has been created.